8 Great Activities For Granny And Grandchildren


Its a wonderful thing to foster a great relationship between the generations in a family. Grandparents are a great source of historical knowledge and family identity for the younger generations, so its important to have granny and her grandchildren spending as much time together as possible. Here are 8 great ways to develop an authentic relationship between the two.


1. Have them do light physical activities together such as a nice nature walk. 


2. Get together in the kitchen and cook up some wonderful snacks. Who doesn't love granny's baked goods.


3. Arts and crafts will touch on their creative side and allow both to make wonderful creations to remember for many years.


4. Games and puzzles are a wonderful to have fun, be competitive and also improve grandchildren's learning.


5. Read some wonderful stories together, or better yet have granny tell stories related to the family tree.


6. Movies are great excuse to do some bonding, especially if you are worried about conversational topics. Get together for a cinema trip.


7. Have them teach to children some value-able life skills, such as a trade. Passing down knowledge is one of the greatest values of a strong grandchild - grandparent relationship.


8. Finally, why not just have a wonderful family meal. Have everyone around the table talking and feasting together. 


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