American Millionaire from Poor Family Starts Social Startup

While we imagine entrepreneurship as one of the most exhausting and difficult jobs, it might not be always the hardest thing to do, especially if you have the motivation and support from your coworkers and loved ones. One of the American entrepreneurs who just earned his first million is a child of a poor family and success and financial independence was the only thing driving him the whole way up here. This way he secured his and his companies future, but he couldn't get there without his loved ones: his wife and little boy.  

But the most painful thing when you are getting richer is that it's hard to forget your past and how difficult your life was with a small income, especially with the little child. No one can move on and don't remember the stress and sadness from childhood, because his/her parents couldn't afford a bike or even a jacket. So, this entrepreneur is motivated to give other parents the possibility that his parents have never had: bring more happiness into child life.

So he started another startup with a big social campaign to raise awareness of the issue and the solution that his offering. His idea is to gather some money and other resources and redistribute it to meet the needs of every child in his home town. While we think that this is a bold idea, we would like to give our costumers the opportunity to get involved in this campaign. You just need to browse through our web-store, find the item that suits your budget and taste, purchase it and after you get it, send it to this new social startup. And in case if you need any help, we already got in contact with this new initiative and asked for the thing that most of the children needed and as it reveals, children need shoes. So we are suggesting this Super Fresh Trainers.

Hope we will be able to help kids together and make their lives happier.

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