Australian Bride Cries Tears of Joy After Husband Unveils His Wedding Night Secret

For the majority of people weddings are considered to be joyous and festive occasions with many believing that the wedding night and honeymoon are to be some of your best nights ever. Of course, many couples have lovely wedding nights that they cherish forever. Many, though, do not just as one Australian bride found out when things didn't not go exactly to plan.

The pressure of having a wonderful night can lead to stress and anxiety in many couples. Additionally the lead up to the wedding ceremony is a difficult time also. People often imagine that everything will be taken care of and that a luxurious villa or hotel room accompanied by incredible catering will set the scene for a perfect evening when in reality though there are countless things that could go wrong and that is just what Melissa Clark from Sydney Australia discovered.

Posting on her personal blog, which as now been seen by thousands of people globally, Melissa describes her orderal on her much anticipated wedding night. She describes her emotional experience below.

“After a long an eventful night which can only be described as absolutely perfect, me and my husband finally decided to call in an night and head back to our villa. We had spent the night dancing and singing but still had the energy to be excited to have some alone time. Jack had being saying that he had a very special secret or surprise for me waiting back and the room so I guess this gave me extra energy”.

When the pair made it back to the room Jack unveiled his wedding secret. He had bought Melissa a new puppy! The surprise was the highlight of the evening but not only for good reasons. The new young pup had run riot in the hotel room causing damage to the sheets and floor but that wasn’t enough to upset the happy couple.

“Ever since I was a child I have wanted a dog. They are more than just a pet, but a companion and protector. Jack had always put off getting a pet together with small excuses about allergies. I never thought I this was the surprise in a million years, I had such a fright but I was so happy”

“We are truly starting a happy family together” claimed Melissa. Most couples enjoy spending time alone together on their wedding night, but these newlyweds from Australia were more than happy sharing their room with the newcomer ‘Rex’. The hotel was more than understanding with the incident and only asked for a coverage of the damages caused by the canine.

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