Everybody has a mother and they are the ones that give us life. They are strong when we are weak and supportive when we need it. Mothers throughout the animal kingdom have a responsibility and pride in their children and so when looking at grandmothers that is the same, but more so. They have true experience. It is a fact though as we age things become more difficult and as a result we rely more on the people that are around us to help. Grandmothers and mothers cant do everything forever and this leads us to our short story.

Recently a grandmother from the UK was placed against her wishes in a nursing home and left there feeling alone and unwanted by the people she had loved for so many years. And why? She had cared for her 14 children for over 4 decades until they were all able to look after themselves. Yes that is correct, 14 children. It took alot of effort and patience to say the least and just as she completed her task she found herself worn out and in need of some looking after herself but that when the sad thing happened. None of her children cared enough to give the slightest bit of help. She was left feeling lonely and cast out by the people she loved the most.

Understandably it can be difficult when people get really old and need the care of professionals round the clock, but that would stop you from visiting from time to time. However only the youngest child did and briefly. This tale takes a good turn however. While in the community she met a lot of new friends of similar mindset and predicament and through this she become more involved in the society there. She also become close with the caretakers and one in particular. So much so she decided to live her inheritance to the community instead of her children which made them quite mad.

Always remember to care for the people you love most and never turn a back to them in times of need. People are the true treasure in life. If you liked this story and want more then subscribe to our mailing list for more. Also you can visit our web page for cool interesting products.

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