Grocery Shopping With Toddlers


In a household dominated by young children something as simple as going to the supermarket can become a nightmare. Getting children to shop without having a tantrum or creating extreme delays is not the easiest of tasks but it is something many families will have to deal with more often than not. It certainly doesn't make it easier when shopping in the supermarket when visiting the isles that are laden with sweets or baked goods, but whatever the child orientating marketing says, one must perserve are getting the groceries that are important and not submit to childrens nagging.

Here are some useful guides to help you next time you are shopping.


1. Have the children well fed before shopping as this will avoid people being hungry.


2. Make a grocery list and stick to it. There is no point pondering which items to get and slowing the process down. This gives children more time to be bored or troublesome.


3. When shopping give your children jobs such as carrying particular items or reading the grocery list. It will keep them occupied more than actually helping.


4. Try playing games as you . go through the supermarket. This will keep their developing minds occupied and less prone to creating other forms of fun. "I spy" is a classic.


5. Have a plan for when fighting occurs. When tantrums occur try to quiet the child by giving a stern but fair request. Maybe even have them looking for an item.


6. Make sure there is enough time planned so there will never be a rush. You must create a relaxed environment as children pick up on these things.


7. Giving children something to look forward to as a reward for good behaviour is  a wonderful idea. To say something like, "when we have finished the shopping you can look at the kids section" can entice children to finish quickly and efficiently. 


Supermarkets are a great place to find almost everything you will need for a growing family. From food to household items and even clothes be sure to cater to a young childs needs.



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