Groom Upset After Bride Tells Secret Ultimatum At The Altar

It certainly wasn't the best day of this life.


What was going to be this young Sydneys couples special and memorable wedding day ended quite abruptly after a misunderstanding at the altar. Swept away by their love for each other, it was not long before they decided it was time to tie the knot. However there was always a elephant in the room as she disliked pets and he kept two, well trained Huskies. When she came to the altar and whispered in his ear the ultimatum "Me or the huskies" his response was not what she expected and he decided to end the arrangement immediately. They had a civil partnership before the marriage so it ended in legal divorce as soon as he knew her intentions.

A quick and ultimately sad story about rushing into marriage too soon. We have decided to lay out a few guidelines for newlyweds that might help people transition into a long lasting and successful marriage.

  1. Keep an open flow of communication.

Face the issue and not the person. Talk about feelings and how they change over time. Bottling things up inside will only cause rifts between people and make mountains out of molehills. Especially when discussing friends and families things can be tricky. When dealing with In Laws keep an open channel and safe space of communication.

  1. Manage your time.

Make sure you are open to compromise and keep time management and schedules open for change. Having elasticity in a routine will help couples to remain connected but it is equally important to continue existing hobbies and friendships. Having a spouse become to clingy can lead to resentment by both people

  1. Learn to attack the problem not each other.

Over the course of time things will become irritating, even the little things. It's quite normal to feel overwhelmed in a relationship when people move in together and share close proximity to one another. Certain habits that may have been cute in the beginning may be irritating but just remember that both people are still the same.

  1. Manage your finances.

Getting finances in order is crucial to maintaining a long and healthy relationship. Sit down and discuss how to spend a shared budget. It’s important not to develop a habit of saying “this is mine, this is yours” as this only leads to divides.

  1. Keep it new and fresh.

Don't let things get stale. When things begin to slide and a stagnant routine is formed that is when people begin to become bored and look for adventure. Just because people are married doesn’t mean they stop dating. Try going out for dinner or the movies, set up date nights and try keep things spontaneous. Keep the fire alive and keep intimate.

  1. Don't give up on each other when things get tough.

Everything that is worth something takes a bit of effort, not everything comes easily and usually the things that do will not be worth their weight.

We hope you enjoyed this story and learn something from their tale. Above are just a few things to keep in mind when getting into a serious relationship. If you thought this story was good and wish to read more similar articles then subscribe to our mailing list and even check out our web-store for cool and quality products.



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