Indian Man Giving Away His Fortune To Help Random Indians

It is the single biggest donation to a charitable cause in Indias history and it was made by the son of a man who started a small vegetable oil business. The chairman Mr Premji has now one of the biggest global tech companies in the world but has pledged to donated near 20million dollars in currency and shares to help the people of his beloved country. With en estimated personal amount of just over roughly 20 million, Mr Premji is becoming one of histories greatest philanthropists. The donation will work directly in education and the support of the less off. It is an organisation of a multitude of charities and that work tirelessly to help those in need. Due to this incredible move the foundation will likely up its efforts by almost 5 or 6 times its previous achievements. By developing infrastructure, grants as well as some aid networks the program hopes to help almost 5000 direct students and tens of thousands more in communities around the world. India is now being recognised as a country that hosts a "substantial culture of philanthropy".

The efforts have sparked people to call Mr Premji a new coming of the famous Indian Gandhi, though he draws inspiration from the great man he does not like the comparison himself.  Within the past decade or two there has been a global effort to help stem the ever growing divide of the rich and poor and there has been great improvements. We like to repost the warmer stories that we read on the internet and this is certainly one of them. Like Mr Premji we have blogs, opinion pieces and further articles relating to this one. So be sure to add your name to our list if you enjoyed reading this. 


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