New York Man Waiting For His Wife To Finish Shopping Gets Hilarious Surprise

One of the most stereotypical scenes within western malls is a man waiting outside a store with the utmost of patience. Finding ways to entertain yourself while waiting for your significant other to finish looking at items is always a difficult task. Since the invention of the smartphone with its ability to play games, watch movies and other entertaining features the battle against boredom has become certainly easier. Still some particularly bored men come up with creative and fun games to play that make shopping fun again. We should never forget the countless other men who, for one reason or another, aren’t so lucky. There are even blogs and pages dedicated to honour and memorialize their boredom.

However recently we discovered a man who turned his boredom and misfortune into something spectacular. Brett Miller from New York, USA got the surprise of his lifetime when he was waiting for his wife Stacy to finish her browsing in a local clothing outlet store. “The sales were incredible, she just couldn’t resist spending 2 hours examining each individual item of clothing..” claimed Brett. Well not one to sit around all day playing silly phone app games, Brett decided to be a little more creative. Inspired by the countless mannequins adorning fashionable clothes, Brett decided to recreate the poses standing side by side, wearing exactly the same items of clothing. The game was pretty simple but has caught a storm online with people sharing, commenting and posting there mannequin photos.

Posting the photos online in response to other equally bored men, Brett returned to his life without much consideration however he received an incredible surprise the next time he went shopping with his wife and logged on to check how his photos had been received by the online forum.

“It started out as a silly joke. I usually spent the time waiting for Stacy looking at forums of people doing silly things for entertainment, so thought why not do some silly thing myself. I originally just thought of taking a few photos as a once off, I never thought it would get such attention…. I have even created my own blog specially for these mannequin photos”.

With this wacky alternative to how to spend time waiting for your spouse it should hopefully save you wasting time at cafes, bars or silly apps. Always maintain some level of respect when participating as we don’t want anyone getting in trouble. Let's have a moment of silence for all the people trapped in shopping boredom right now.

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