South African Man Gives His Time To Help Everyday People

Long time success story Brendan Philips has given the last decade of his time to helping the South African population. Making his fortune in the mining industry Philips had a change of heart in his old age. "South Africa has been my home and the reason for my success, this country and its land has been more than generous to me so I feel it is my duty to help now that I have the time, energy and resource". Mr Philips has set up a multitude of charities that deal directly with children and the youth of South Africa as a means of giving back to the community. Children outreach programs enhance the chances of the youth to become successes. Ranging from ages 3-12 years the program focuses of the early development of children so that they have the basic building blocks for success in the future. Educational programs, sports programs and cultural classes are the core of the foundation and with the constant support of Philips company there are only more people to benefit in the future. 

Not only does Philips focus on helping children get a good and well rounded education but also he focuses on feeding and housing the very poorest of children. Fostering a strong connection with orphaned children Philips dedicates the majority of his companys profits to setting up a system in which children can get all the support they need even without parents. Countless lives have been changed for the better. Not only has Philips been a direct help for the average south african but also he is seen as an inspirational figure that as prompted further businessmen to invest in charitable causes. It is not necessary to be a wealthy person to help those less well off but giving whatever you can whether that is money, time or energy can be a great service to strengthen communities. 


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